2017 Science, Technology, and Innovation Exchange (STIX)

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2017 STIx Presentation List

Introduction, Dr. Robin Staffin, Director of Basic Research
Welcome Remarks, Ms. Mary Miller, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering 

  1. Aude Oliva, "The Time Machine in Your Head"
  2. John Rogers, "Transient Electronics"
  3. Jeremiah Robertson, "Controlling Tornados Using Millimeter Wave Detection"
  4. Ralph Tillinghast, "Innovation through STEM: Maintaining the workforce of today, while building the workforce of 2040"
  5. Deji Akinwande, "Quantized Materials for Efficient and Connected Systems"
  6. Margaret C. Thompson, "Personalized Electronic Medicine: Using Neural Signals as Feedback in Deep Brain Stimulation"
  7. William Rivera, "How does the decision to develop and deploy resources affect the resiliency of a strategic actor?"
  8. Ashley Keiser, "Could different molecular pathways in men and women contribute to sex differences in PTSD?"
  9. Robert Ghrist, "Mathematics & the Visual Imagination"
  10. Sharad Sharma, "Virtual Reality Environments for Emergency Response, Training, & Decision Making"
  11. Nicholas Kumia, "Diversity-driven Adversity in Natural Language Processing-The Riddler"
  12. Ashley Ruth, "Lighten the Load"
  13. Carl Wieman, "Using Research to Improve STEM Education"
  14. Shawn Douglas, "How can we precisely manipulate matter on the atomic scale?"
  15. Brian Holmes, "Renaissance Women-A Perfect Match for Science & Technology Intelligence Education"
  16. Thomas Searles, "THz spectroscopy of Asymmetric Metasurfaces"
  17. Neil Gershenfeld, "Assembling Assemblers"
  18. Rajesh Naik, "Exploiting Biology to Build Better (Energetic) Materials"
  19. Raychelle Burks, "Catching Students at STEM Intersections"
  20. Andrew Ellington, "High affinity, validated orthogonality couples: cry HAVOC and re-wire the brain."
  21. Adam Summers, "The Extreme Edge of Ultrafast Optical Science"
  22. Paul Jaffe, "Space solar energy as the answer of our future energy needs"
  23. Allan Bracker, "Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Quantum Technologies"
  24. Lindsay Holden, "Zebrafish to the Rescue: Using Genetic Tools to Understand Toxic Chemical Exposure Risk"
  25. Daniel Cole, “Why don’t we just 3-D print all of it?"
  26. Brad Ringeisen, "Cutting Edge Research for the DoD: Navy Scientist to DARPA BTO Deputy Director”
  27. Charles Kamhoua, "Cyber Physical Security Game”
  28. Josh Humberston, "How can we rapidly estimate changes in morphology of quickly evolving coastal systems in regions frequently inaccessible for traditional survey methods?"
  29. Delores Knipp, "How does heating beget cooling in the upper atmosphere and what are the combined effects on satellite drag during solar storms?’
  30. Amanda Cordes, "Recruiting and Securing Generation Next: DoD Methods and Best Practices."
  31. Grace X. Gu, "Building Nature’s Armor"
  32. Krystina Hess, "A nanotechnology-based approach to engineer immunological tolerance in multiple sclerosis"
  33. Heather Willauer, "Sustainable Energy Production from Seawater" (Video coming soon!)
  34. Nader Vadiee, “Closing the Circle: Innovative STEM Programs Empower Native American Students”
  35. Emily Briskin, “Do we have an outbreak on our hands?”
  36. Jeff Heggemeier, "MAX Power: Counter IED Technology"