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DEPSCoR: Defense Established Programs to Stimulate Competitive Research 

Enhancing Basic Research Capacity & Competitiveness 

As part of the FY20 defense appropriations bill, Congress tasked the Basic Research Office with managing the Defense Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DEPSCoR). DEPSCoR is a capacity building program that is designed to strengthen the research infrastructure at institutions of higher education in underutilized States/Territories. In order to achieve its congressional mandate, the Basic Research Office developed three major thrusts for DEPSCoR – 1) augment funding to an existing tri-Service program, 2) solicit applications for a stand-alone collaborative competition, and 3) outreach meetings. 


Click here for the slide deck that accompanied the open DEPSCoR FOA presentation during the FY20 DEPSCoR webinar - which was held on July 21st.

The funding opportunity announcement for the FY20 DEPSCoR Competition is now posted on Click here for the direct link.


Congratulations to the winners of the FY19 DEPSCoR Competition!  Click here to read the award announcement press release. 

FY19 DEPSCoR funds were also used to augment the Defense University Instrumentation Programs, Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, and the Young Investigator Programs. Congratulations to all recipients of FY19 DEPSCoR funding! Click here to view the list of winners.