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2022 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 

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Neal Devaraj
   University of California, San Diego

Engineering Dynamics Lipid 
 Compartments for an

Artificial Cell

​Jun Ye

University of Colorado, JILA
Quantum Information Science

Quantum System Scaling and Advantage for Fundamental and Applied Science

Jelena Vuckovic Stanford University
Quantum Information Science

Scalable Generation and Control of Large Quantum States of Light and Matter in Engineered Semiconductor Materials

Van de Walle Christian

University of California,
Santa Barbara
Quantum Materials

Controlling Recombination in Wide-Bandgap Materials


Mark Schnitzer
      Stanford University
Cognitive Nueroscience 

Dissecting the Neural Circuit Basis for Volition: A New Framework for Brain-Machine Interface 

Kunihiko Taira

University of California, Los Angeles
Fluid Dynamics

Extreme Aerodynamics: Grasping the Unknown Skies

George Karniadakias
Brown University
Applied and Computational Math

The Next Generation of Operator Regression Networks: Theory, Algorithms, Applications

Glotzer Sharon    
University of Michigan  
Engineered Materials

On the Nature of the Entropic Bond



Andrew Stuart

California Institute of Technology
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Data-Driven Acceleration and Discovery of Computational Models