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2021 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 

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Jonathan David Cohen
   Princeton University
Cognitive Neuroscience

Toward a Brain-Inspired Model of the Flexibility and Autonomy of Human Behavior

Rein V. Ulijn


Systems-Based Design of Biomolecular Modalities and Materials

Alexander A. Balandin
University of California- Riverside
Electronic Materials

One-Dimensional Quantum Materials


Dimitris Giannakis
      Courant Institute, NYU
Applied Math

Quantum Theory for Spectral Analysis, Prediction, and Control of Classical Systems


Jennifer A. Lewis
Harvard University

Programmable Assembly of Functional Human Tissues


Marco Panesi
University of Illinois at UC

Physics-Aware Reduced-Order Modeling for Non-equilibrium Plasma Flows: Implications in the Field of Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics

Michael Irwin Jordan   
University of California-Berkeley
Networks and AI

On Intelligence and Networks: Conjoined Research in Machine Learning, Microeconomics, and Dynamical Systems

Kavita Ramanan    
Brown University    
Applied Math

High-dimensional Stochastic Dynamics on Diverse Network Topologies