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2019 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 

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Andrea Alu

City University of New York

Multi-Physics Metamaterials
for Thermal Management
and Heat Manipulation

Dimitri N. Basov

Columbia University
Dynamic Quantum Matters

New Forms of Quantum
Matter Created with
Ultra-Fast Nano-light

Jian Cao

Northwestern University
Manufacturing Process Compiler

Manufacturing Process Complier -
A Foundation for New Process

Winrich Freiwald

The Rockefeller University
Neuroscience of Emotions

Emotions as



Jack Harris

Yale University
Quantum Optomechanics

New Regimes of Quantum
Optomechanics Using
Level Levitated


Richard D. James

University of Minnesota
Mathematical Design of

The Mathematical Design
of Materials



Jon Kleinberg

Cornell University
Large Social and Information

Bridging Levels of Scale in
Large Social and
Information Networks



Siddharth Ramachandran

Boston University
Orbital Angular Momentum

Light-Matter Interactions
with a Twist




Paul Sajda

Columbia University
Cognitive Neuroscience

Measuring, Tracking and
Modulating Human Decision -
Making Neural Circuits
"In the Wild"

Martin Zwierlein

Quantum Emulation

Analog Quantum Computing
with a Molecular Quantum
Gas Microscope