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2017 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 

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David Awschalom
University of Chicago
Electronic Materials 

Quantum State Creation and
Control in Scalable Two-Dimensional
Systems for Information Processing
and Sensing

Richard Baraniuk
Rice University
Applied Mathematics

New Theory and Methods for
Low-Dimensional Signal Modeling,
Sensing, and Processing


Rodney Bowersox
Texas A&M University
Fluid Dynamics

Turbulence Transport in
Extreme Non-Equilibrium


Michael Brenner
Harvard University
Applied Mathematics

Theory-Driven Biomimetic
Design of Novel
Optical Metamaterials


Brent Doiron
University of Pittsburgh
Computational Neuroscience

Learning to Code in a
Noisy Cortex


Shanhui Fan
Stanford University

Non-Reciprocal Photonic Gauge
Potential and Nonequilibrium
Thermal Metaphotonics for
the Control of Light and Heat


Beverley McKeon

California Institute of Technology
Fluid Dynamics

Designer Turbulence



Teri Odom
Northwestern University

Hierarchical Nanoscale


Tresa Pollock

UC Santa Barbara
Structural Materials

A 3D Platform for Discovery
of New Structured Materials


Athanassios Siapas

California Institute of Technology
Cognitive Neuroscience

Learning and Plasticity in

Richard Van Duyne

Northwestern University
Functional Materials/Spectroscopy

Plasmonic-Dielectric Metamaterials
for Enhanced Spectroscopy
and Controlled Chemistry

Umesh Vazirani

UC Berkeley
Quantum Information Science

Testing Quantum Devices
and Quantum Mechanics


Xiaoyang Zhu

Columbia University
Electronic/Functional Materials

Perfect Semiconductors from Imperfect
Materials: Dynamic as a
Design Principle