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2015 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 

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Alán Asparu-Guzik

Harvard University
Quantum Algorithms

Practical and Scalable Quantum
Simulators for Chemistry Materials

Nader Engheta

University of Pennsylvania
Functional Materials

Materials for Extreme Manipulation
of Light, Sound, and Heat

Robert Ghrist

University of Pennsylvania
Algebraic Topology

LOCAL-to-GLOBAL: Algebraic
Topology for Data, Networks, and

 Jeremy Levy

University of Pittsburgh

Quantum Piston: Quantum
Preservation, Simulation, and Transfer
InOxide Nanostructures

Mikhail Lukin

Harvard University
Quantum Metrology

Quantum Sensing and Metrology:
Novel Methods and Applications

Christopher Palmstrøm

UC Santa Barbara
Functional Materials

Engineered Heusler Compound
Heterostructures and Superlattices

Ivan Schuller