Image of scientist taking notes.

2010 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows 


Meigan Aronson

Texas A&M University
Material Sciences

Designing New Higher
Temperature Superconductors

Alper Atamturk

UC Berkeley
Networks Sciences

Optimal Design of Capacitated

Andrew Ellington

University of Texas Austin
Synthetic Biology

Developing Biological Software
via Genetically Augmented Proteins

 Leslie Greengard

New York University
Computational Electromagnetics

Novel Methods for Electromagnetic
Simulation and Design

Leslie Vestergaard Hau

Harvard university
Quantum Sciences

Quantum Control of Light and Matter:
from the Macroscopic to the Nanoscale

H. Jeff Kimble

Cal Tech
Quantum Networks

Quantum Networks with Single Atoms,
Photons and Phonons

Stephen Leone