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News | May 16, 2024

Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow, Prof. Elchanan Mossel elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2024

Congratulations to Prof. Elchanan Mossel, a distinguished Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow from the class of 2019. Prof. Mossel, a faculty member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by being selected as one of the 250 exceptional individuals elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2024.

His remarkable contributions to the field of mathematics have garnered well-deserved recognition. Prof. Mossel's dedication, expertise, and innovative research have undoubtedly left a lasting impact, further enriching the academic landscape.

As a member of this prestigious institution, Prof. Mossel joins a distinguished cohort of scholars, scientists, artists, and leaders who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. This esteemed recognition not only honors Prof. Mossel's individual achievements but also underscores the importance of his work in advancing knowledge and understanding within mathematics.

We invite you to explore the complete list of new members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, including Prof. Mossel, by visiting the following link: []. Join us in celebrating Prof. Mossel's remarkable accomplishment and in acknowledging the profound impact of his contributions to mathematics and academia as a whole