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STIX: Science, Technology, and Innovation Exchange


STIX was started in 2017 by the Basic Research Office to showcase the transformative impacts of the DoD's science and technology programs.

DoD sponsored research has enabled technologies that we use every day – from the internet and GPS to auto-injectors and improved surgical techniques. These have transformed the way we communicate, travel, and live healthier lives.  STIX aims to highlight ongoing scientific work, promote learning and enable collaboration by providing DoD-funded scientists, engineers, program managers, and students a platform to share their research with broad audiences. 

2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Exchange

Apr. 28-29th, 2020
Washington, DC

*Pending conference approval

Please join us this April for STIX 2020: DISRUPTIONS

This year's STIX aims to highlight the importance of basic research in disrupting paradigms and assumptions. We will discuss the disruptions in understanding and technology wrought by basic science that benefit both the warfighter and general society, and/or best practices related to STEM recruitment and retention which is essential to ensure our national security and workforce needs.

The event will consist of a series of short, TED-Style talks aimed at a general audience. A call for abstracts have been sent and request that they are submitted by February 17th. We invite submission of abstracts for STIX that address the theme of Disruption and also discuss research projects, technology development, and/or STEM outreach and workforce development.

Targeted speakers for the event include:

• Department of Defense funded researchers from US universities
• Research scientists and program managers from DoD laboratories
• Student participants in SMART and NDSEG
• MURI awardees
• Participants of Basic Research Office programs including Vannevar Bush, Blue Sky, LUCI, and I-Corps @ DoD
• K-12 science teachers that have participated in DoD sponsored programs


STIX 2020 Abstract Guidelines 

2017 Science, Technology, and Innovation Exchange

The inaugural STIX event was held in Crystal City, Virginia from August 24-25th, 2017.  The event consisted of a series of lightning talks based on the theme of "The Big Question".  Specifically, speakers delivered presentations that addressed one or more of the three 

  • The big question that my research seeks to answer
  • The big question that my technology addresses
  • The big question of identifying, nurturing, and/or retaining top STEM talent

Click below to view videos of popular presentations from our 2017 event!