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2018 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellows

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Adam Cohen

Harvard University
Synthetic Bioelectrical Materials

Synthetic Bioelectrical Materials for
Sensing, Pattern Formation, and

David Freedman

University of Chicago
Cognitive Sciences

Generalized Computations for
Learning, Memory, and
Decision Making in
Artificial and Biological Neural

Michael Graham

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Applied Mathematics

Disentangling and Controlling
Turbulent Structure with
Nonlinear Dynamics and
Machine Learning

 Markus Greiner

Harvard University
Quantum Computing

Many-Body Quantum Dynamics
with Microscope Control -
A New Research Frontier

Supratik Guha

University of Chicago

Atomic Imprint Crystallization and
Scanning Near-field Deposition
for Creating Large Area
Single Crystal Surfaces on
Amorphous Substrates

Leonidas Guibas

Stanford University
Data Sciences

Data Geometry, Semantics.
and Information

Sean Hallgren