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Feature | April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Focuses on 3 Initiatives

By Alo Jadbabaie (VBFF)

VBFF Fellow Ali Jadbabaie (c/o 2016) has designated part of his research group to heavily focus on Covid-19-related research. In the past, Jadbabaie has conducted a vast amount of theory work on epidemic spreading models on networks, but now he has created an interdisciplinary rapid-reaction team that meets every day on zoom and we are focusing on 3 initiatives on COVID-19 related research, including building mechanistic and reduced form models, developing optimal testing strategies for estimating the size of the epidemic spread, and developing a rigorous policy evaluation schemes by  posing the “reopening problem” as a stochastic control problem.

*Researcher cited using VBFF or LUCI funds.